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Why choose team building at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym?

Whether you’re looking for a fun afternoon for your team to unwind and get to know each other or specific challenges that take your team beyond their comfort zone, we can develop a program to achieve your specific outcomes. Indoor climbing is a natural team building activity. It provides a collective experience where teams work on unfamiliar challenges in an environment with a perception of risk (even if that isn’t the case). The increased level of interdependence required quickly builds rapport & trust within the team. Climbing can improve self esteem and confidence as climbers achieve a very visual goal (usually the top of a climbing wall!).

Although climbing is a physical activity, challenges are designed to encourage participation for all levels of fitness & ability. There are routes for all abilities (identified by different coloured climbing holds for the climber to use) so even first time climbers will feel a sense of accomplishment. And anyway, it’s not all about climbing. There will always be a role for someone who doesn’t want to climb but still wants to be involved.

Elevate team

Climbing challenges can assist in improving

• an individual’s intrapersonal relationships (improved confidence, willingness to take risks & leadership skills )

• a group’s interpersonal relationships (greater trust - after all your partner is holding the belay line while you climb, enhanced co-operation, communication & sharing in decision making)

So, from competitive through to co-operative, fun through to serious, let Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym design a program for your next team building event.

Price includes

Price includes

• Facilitator to develop a program & work with your group on the day

• A selection of team building challenges to suit your group’s requirements

• Harness & climbing shoes (shoes on a first come basis, a variety of sizes are available)

• Coloured bandanas to identify your teams.

• Full safety briefing

• Free climbing following team activities

Price 2 hour team building session - $50 per person

What do I need to do?

Make a booking with the staff.

Best session times are weekdays prior to 3pm.

A facilitator will call you to discuss your team’s requirements & develop a program to achieve your outcomes.

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