The Main Room

Where it all began. There are 51 top ropes and 32 to 38 lead lines.

Main Room Main Room











Main Room and Boulder Lounge Panorama

The Boulder Lounge is upstairs in the Main Room. There are 6 profiles with 90 boulder problems. New problems are set weekly.

Main Room & Boulder Lounge


The Left Room

In mid 2014 the gym got 50% bigger! There are 54 top ropes and 28 to 30 lead lines, 3 caves and a slack line.

Left Room














Left Room Panorama

Left Room Panorama


The Front Room

With 40 top ropes, kid's tunnels and high rope activites, there's something here for everyone!

Front Room Front Room















The Mezzanine

Where you get strong!

Mezzanine Mezzanine